Doctorate Qualifying Exam of Fernanda Gomes Galvão

February 5, 2021

Pre-Thesis Title: Patterns of an arboreal community in a chronosequence of humid tropical forest: taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity, perceptions about the assembly process
Date/Hour: February 11th, 2021 (thursday) – 09:00 AM
Place: Online defense via Google Meet platform

Defense Committee:
Member #1: Prof(a). Dr(a). Maria Jesus Nogueira Rodal – UFC (President/Mentor)
Member #2: Prof(a). Dr(a). Andréa Pereira Silveira – UECE
Member #3: Prof(a). Dr(a). Roberta Boscaini Zandavalli – UFC
Member #4: Prof(a). Dr(a). Waldir Mantovani – UFC

Surrogate Members:
Surrogate Member: Prof(a). Dr(a). Júlia Caram Sfair – UFC